Interactive Hebrew & Yoga

In specifically tailored children’s yoga lessons we will enrich your child’s Hebrew vocabulary and share Jewish values through a variety of mediums such as word play, visual flashcards and games, songs and music, and books.

Through an enriching kids yoga lesson your child will build their connection and love of Hebrew, learn new things relating to their rich culture, holidays, Jewish values, be part of a vibrant children’s community and benefit from learning a second language in an engaging and unique way.

Birthday Parties

Do you want to celebrate your child’s birthday in a creative, affordable and interactive way? We will celebrate your child’s birthday and inspire their love of yoga and movement with a themed one hour activity that will engage them and leave them excited for more! Each lesson is carefully tailored based on the child’s interests, developmental level and ways of learning.

Imaginative Storytelling Yoga for Preschools

Bring to life a story, theme or value with a very effective and interactive way of teaching! Through interactive storytelling, we will act out scenes, use our imagination, creativity and natural curiosity to enlighten and engage and bring the story to life. Lilach will bring all materials, stories, visuals and props and the children will be left with a taste for more. Contact Lilach for a demo lesson at: