“Lilach is a very attentive yoga instructor. She works closely with all her students, making sure that all of them feel included. Lilach interacts with her students with patience, respect, and at their level so each of them feels comfortable and acknowledged for their own abilities.” James F.


“Lilach is a great teacher. She has a calm style of teaching that is so engaging and energizing for the kids. She integrates games and different ways of teaching yoga throughout her class.” Tanya B.


My boys (ages 6 & 8) really enjoyed the outdoor yoga class! With a mixture of yoga poses, breathing techniques and fun interactive activities, it was the perfect outing for them and their friends! Thanks Lilach for a great class! Julie G.

Building Awareness and Resilience

“(7 kids) over the past several months. Lilach taught them that yoga and mindfulness can improve both their physical and mental health, by building alignment and balance as well as awareness and resilience. We have seen fantastic results with our daughter—improved focus, stronger self-esteem and classroom behavior, reduced anxiety and stress, and even better memory and academic performance. We cannot recommend Lilach strongly enough.” Ilana R.